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Connectivity around the Copen Grand neighbourhood is enhanced

Sep 16

Copen Grand EC will include indoor polyclinics, as well as an outdoor market that is located in an open area. It will comprise F&B establishments, food stores Food and beverage outlets, along with shops and shops, along with centres and stores that offer enrichment opportunities. The market will also have playgrounds that children can play in as well as areas for councils and committees to provide opportunities for education for residents. The market will offer the chance to all, no matter what their age. Markets will communicate with residents of the region.

Copen Grand Condo MRT Stations are part of the Jurong Region Line. Three stations are situated in the Jurong Region Line: Tengah (JS3), Tengah Plantation (JE1) and Hong Kah (JS4 ). Fourth station located on the MRT is located at The Jurong Region in Tengah Park (JE2). Copen Grand EC is accessible in just two minutes. It is located within two steps from Tengah, Hong Kah, and Tengah Plantation MRT Station. It's only two steps from KJE. It is located near The Pan-Island Expressway (PIE).

City Development Limited is one of the largest real estate firms that trade through the Singapore Exchange. It is among the largest and has greater than 100 sites across the globe. The portfolio includes residential and commercial hotels that concentrate on hotels and retail. It offers a variety of properties.

Locate a space where your children can have enjoyment and have fun in. If you're looking for the perfect place to relax after a long and exhausting day at work, school or simply to unwind, there are many places to unwind. These include schools, restaurants, or even stores for retail.

This housing being constructed in Tengah City is located in an area that is clean and well-maintained. To enhance the worth of nature's resources as in improving wellbeing and overall wellbeing of the residents living in the region, HDB has implemented the Biophilic Town Framework in order to maximize the use of nature's riches. The framework was developed to create something unique and distinctive to Tengah.

Tengah Town is set to become the first city worldwide that is completely automobile-free. The concept came from roads that are submerged, and run through the city. The concept isn't only about creating areas that are covered with dirt. The idea is about stopping the movement of water. The goal is to create spaces in which people can relax and unwind and even shop.

The aim is to aid in the development and growth that is taking place in the Central Region. Central Region is created to provide a safe and secure area that is peaceful and secure for all that have internet accessibility.

A sports centre is an integral component of the region's geography, and an indoor fitness center is in the process of being constructed to increase the efficacy of the various occasions that take place within the region and to improve the standard of their activities. The property is spread out over 2.25 millimeters. Copen Grand together with URA will give the 12 acres property to aid in the construction of facilities as well as to expand the available land. The property comprises three school buildings located on the property. It is the property serves as situated on the site of Shuqun School. Shuqun School. Shuqun elementary school. It also houses The Elizabeth Elementary School. site of Shuqun and The Elizabeth Elementary Schools.

We're extremely thankful for the funds you've donated to Copen Grand EC located in Tengah Town which means that it's only a 15 minute drive away from medical facilities and an athletic center which encourages a healthy and active lifestyle. This will help in the development of the foundations needed to live fully active, healthy lifestyle. Tengah EC is located in the townships around. It is located near major transportation hubs, as well as other facilities.